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Free from the author is a site dedicated to readers who want free e-books and authors seeking a market.

Authors – it will be free for you to promote your perma-free ebooks here. Check out the Author page for details of what is offered. If you wish to register your interest, message us on our Facebook page.

It’s very early days as yet – we’re putting the site together. Please bookmark us and come back later when we have something useful for you. In the meantime here’s a list of free e-book sources for readers:

    • Project Gutenberg – Free out-of-copyright books. Find all the classics here. Most formats available.
    • Bookbub usually offers several free ebooks and will send you a daily list of their books if you wish. Not all of their books are free but they must be offered at at least 50% off normal price. They also have quite high standards. The links are usually to so readers in non US countries will need to change the ‘.com’ to what is appropriate for their country.
    • Ereader News Today have a Free/Bargain book section. Like Bookbub they will note your genre preferences and send you a daily email of them.
    • You can find many free ebooks in a variety of formats at Smashwords. Click the ‘FREE’ link on their entry page. You’ll need to register with them to download but no credit card/PayPal information is needed unless you want to buy a book.
    • Amazon offers a lot of free ebooks but they are not always easy to find. The links below take you to their ‘Best Seller’ lists at Those not in the US will need to change the ‘.com’ part of the URL once you’ve found a free book. In a little while we’ll offer links which automatically direct you to the best seller lists for your country.

Best Sellers in Action & Adventure Fiction

Best Sellers in Action Thriller Fiction

Best Sellers in Crime Action Fiction

Best Sellers in Fantasy Adventure Fiction

Best Sellers in Fantasy

Best Sellers in Genetic Engineering Science Fiction

Best Sellers in Historical Fiction

Best Sellers in Horror

Best Sellers in Humor & Satire Fiction

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Best Sellers in Mystery Action Fiction 

Best Sellers in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Action Fiction

Best Sellers in Paranormal Romance

Best Sellers in Romance

Best Sellers in Romantic Suspense

Best Sellers in Science Fiction

Best Sellers in Science Fiction Adventure

Best Sellers in Science Fiction & Fantasy

Best Sellers in Suspense Action Fiction

Best Sellers in Technothrillers

Enjoy your reading but remember that somewhere there’s an author who devoted a lot of time to providing you with free entertainment. You can repay them by writing a review for those books you enjoy. You may have hated writing book reviews while you were at school but that’s not the sort of review needed. Here’s another link to a guide to writing book reviews.

Free from the author
Free from the author