We all know how difficult it is to promote books—even if you give them away free. Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor with a new site aimed to help. To qualify you must have a book which you give away permanently free as an ebook. Kindle Select books which are free for five days or less don’t count! There is no charge (as yet) for this since this is a very new site.

Here’s what we offer:

  • A permanent page for your free ebook. You can have as many pages as you have perma-free ebooks.
  • Links to two other paid ebooks—possibly books 2 and 3 of a series or trilogy?
  • We don’t just promote your books at!
  • You can enter a description. We suggest the first four lines displayed for your book at Amazon as a minimum. That’s the bit before the ‘more…’
  • You can add an image of your book cover Choose one at least 300 pixels tall.
  • You can add links to your website, Twitter page, Facebook page, Goodreads page, Pinterest page
  • You can link to your email list
  • We will promote your free ebook at Twitter and Facebook (Not much of an offer since there are very few followers as yet – but it will grow)
  • For the first 28 new books added each month we will feature your ebook on our front page like this. Note there is no title or author displayed other than on the cover image but that information will be embedded within it. Clicking the ‘more…’ will take you to the book’s permanent page. If we get too many additions we’ll just show a cover image for books 29 on.
  • You can use affiliate links on your book’s page to earn even more money—you do do that already huh? If you don’t use affiliate links, we’ll use one to help pay for this site.
  • Our blog will feature posts useful to authors – they are mostly from the Author! Author! blog but we welcome contributions.
  • The site can’t support erotica or anything which would earn it an ‘R’ certificate if it was made into a film. So no XXX stuff – not because I’m a prude but because we want a site suitable for anyone and your book image will appear next to others.
  • Given enough free ebooks we’ll sort them into genres for readers.
  • We plan on sending out a newsletter when new additions are added, but at the moment we have no subscribers to it.

Rather than give multiple links we strongly suggest you add book links via, that way readers will see something like this when they follow a link:

We offer free ebooks from multiple retailers links

Readers may click the icon of their choice and go to their local site of each. If they wish they may save their preference and go straight to that site in future.

Want to give it a go? Go on to the next stage…