Vertical page alignment in MS Word

Vertical page alignment in MS Word

Here’s three pages from the front of a book I’m writing (the image will expand if you click it):

I’ve turned on ‘Show/Hide’ so you can see where Return has been pressed to get a new line.Those of you with an eye for detail might notice that these pages used have three different layouts. The half title page on the left was vertically aligned at the top, the title page was vertically aligned at the center and the copyright page was vertically aligned at the bottom.
It’s not immediately obvious how to do this in Word. To achieve it each page must end with a section break.
First place your cursor on the page you wish to change.
Next from the layout tab (1) select the small icon (2) at the bottom right of the Page Setup section of the ribbon.
Select the Layout tab (3) in the window which opens.

In the Page Vertical alignment section (4) select the alignment you want. 
‘Justified’ incidentally will space out the paragraphs of a page to fill the entire page.

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Using Buffer to Record Tweets For Re-use

Using Buffer to Record Tweets For Re-use

I keep a record of successful tweets so that I can re-use them much later – a month or more later. Many of my tweets have an attached picture. Twitter used to show the URL of pictures but that stopped some time ago.
So how do you get this URL?
I’ve found three methods:

  1. Use Tweetdeck. This will show the URLs of images you post in tweets.
  2. Use the menu and click the embed tweet link. Then edit the tweet.
  3. Delete the tweet! Well at least start the delete process.
Of the three methods the third method is by far the simplest way. Here’s how you do it. I start the process from Buffer’s Analytics page but you can do this from your Twitter Profile page too.
Step 1 – find the tweet you want to record in the Buffer Analytics window (or scroll down through your Twitter Profile to find it). Click the timestamp of the tweet.

Step 2 – The tweet will open in a window. Under it click the ‘More’ icon – the three dots …

From the menu which appears click ‘Delete’ Don’t worry you are NOT going to delete it.

Step 3 – Twitter will show the tweet including that elusive picture URL and ask you to confirm deletion. Highlight the tweet text and copy it. Although the tweet link URL may appear shortened, when you copy it you will get the full URL. Then click ‘Cancel‘ since you DON’T want to delete it.
Step 4 – Now paste the tweet into the text file or spreadsheet you want to store it in for later reuse.
Simple. Here’s the text of the Tweet I just copied:

34 ways to NOT get more followers on Twitter

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Have you pinned a tweet to your Twitter profile?

I’m grateful to those people who re-tweet my tweets. I like to respond in kind but many ‘tweeps’ make this difficult. I’d often scroll through many pages of their Twitter profile before I find something of theirs to re-tweet. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a tweet at the top of their profile which they would like re-tweeting?
Twitter obviously thinks that and has made it easy for us to do this if you are using a browser based version of Twitter  – not an app on a mobile device.

Using Twitter on a Desktop/Laptop

The tweep needs to set up an embedded tweet. All authors should do that as a matter of priority. Here’s how to do that.

    1. Go to your Twitter Profile. If you are using your PC click your profile icon at the top right of your Twitter screen to view your recent tweets.


  1. In your Twitter profile find the tweet you wish to embed and click the ellipsis icon under it. From the menu select ‘Embed tweet’. It’s as simple as that.

    Your tweet is now pinned to the top of your profile. Anyone viewing it using a browser will see it first and find something to re-tweet. Change it often to keep it fresh.

Unfortunately the mobile version of Twitter doesn’t show embedded tweets or allow you to set them up – yet. Something we should request @Twitter to implement in the app?

. @Twitter Please implement ’embedded tweets’ in the mobile version of Twitter.
— John Chapman (@JChapmanAuthor) February 26, 2015